Depending on your business, we extract relevant information from videos.

    Information can be object detection, colorfulness, steadiness, movement features...



    We build a video database which is relevant and specific to your market content.

    Based on video database, we train our AI.

    Basically we let the machine learn what is interesting and not interesting in the input videos


    After machine learning phase, we come up with an interestingness score.

    Each relevant video information is evaluated so we can compare and rank each frame in input videos.

  • Klap is a solution using advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate valuable data for sports broadcasters & medias

    Klap is Amazon “Startup Architecture of the Year 2019” winner among 6,000 participants

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    We gather each frame score and select the highlights by setting an interestingness threshold

    Combined to our editing technology, we add some video effects and you have the best highlights aggregated in 1 click.